Top 10 Best Anime Made By Kyoto Animation

1. Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions

Anime Genre - Drama, Romance, Comedy

Episodes 24, Seasons 2, OVAS 2, Lite episodes 26, Movies 2

Due to many weird events, Rikka and Yuuta are now living in the same house.   No one else knows about this secret cohabitation, Rikka and Yuuta find it exiting? Well... It not really...

Yuuta has never went out with a normal girl, or any girl for that matter so having a Chuuni girlfriend is too much for Yuuta to handle he doesn't know how to take his relationship with Rikka to the next level...

2. Dragon Maid

Genre - Comedy, Fantasy

Episodes 13, Seasons 1, OVAS 1

This unique anime called Dragon Maid and yeah.. It's about dragons!

Kobayashi was an average woman living a normal life, going to work everyday or going out with friends.. Very ordinary, that is until one night she opens her door to only see the head of a dragon looking at her from across the balcony. The dragon instantly transforms into a cute blonde girl wearing a maid outfit, her name is Tooru.

It all makes sense as Tooru explains that she met her last night on a drunk in the mountains, since Tooru said she had no where to go, she goes on to say that Kobayashi said she offered her to stay at her home. The following day, thus here she is. Kobayashi hesitantly said okay and agreed to let Tooru stay...

So to repay Koboyashi for letting her stay at her home, she decided to be her personal maid (Even though she regretted to asking her to stay to begin with). As the weeks go on she realizes that her life has drastically changed and maybe for the better?

3. Nichijou

Genre - Visual Novel, Slice Of Life - Comedy

Episodes 26, Seasons 1, OVAS 1

Nichijou is a simple anime that solely tells us about the daily behavior of three childhood friends. The three High-school girls, Mai Minakami, Mio Naganohara and Yuuko Aioi whose stories eventually get intertwined with an intelligent young girl named Hakase Shinonome, her robot Nano (Who's also her guardian) and her talking cat Sakamoto.

Every day they experience the abnormal, insanity, confusing but normal things.. From a talking crow biting them to watching the principal suplex a deer.. this is all in the average day of the lives of those who live in Nichijou.. It does't make much sense, but neither does this anime. One of the more beloved anime produced by Kyoto Animation.

4. Clannad
Genre - Visual novel, Slice Of Life, Romance, Tragedy 

Episodes 47, Seasons 2, OVAS 2, Movies 1

Clannad is a very well known anime that was produced by Kyoto Animation This is on the list because it's touched the hearts of many people, branded one of the many saddest anime series ever.

Tomoya Okazaki is the main protagonist in Clannad. Hes a delinquent that find life dull and boring, he believes that he'll will never be successful at anything he does in life so he skips school almost everyday and wastes the last of his high school days.

One day when Tomoya was walking to high-school he walks past a young girl who suddenly says "Anpan" (Anpan is a popular food in japan). This made Tomoya's pay attention to her. He later finds out that this girl is named Nagisa Furukawa. Nagisa later says they are both friends while Tomoya rudely walks away.

As the days went on Tomoya sees Nagisa more around school and later accepts her friendship. Nagisa tells Tomoya that she's been held back a year due to her having a sever illness and that her Nagisa's dream is to once again revive the schools drama club.

Tomoya then decides to help Nagisa rebuild the drama club (Since he has nothing better to do) with 4 other girls. While rebuilding the club Tomoya get closer to each of the other girls and learns more about them and offers to help them with their problems.

5. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

Genre - Comedy, Science Fiction, school

Episodes 24, Seasons 2

Haruhi Suzumiya is incredibly eccentric and mostly anti-social and easily bored. She also has no interest in "Normal Humans" although she doesn't quite know it, she has god-like-powers. This means she could easily destroy and reshape reality if she wanted to.

This would only happen if she became bored enough of the current world she could create a closed space, meaning a new world..This is technically why the SOS Brigade was formed?

The SOS Brigade has 5 members: Haruhi Suzumiya: The leader, Yuki Nagato: The alien, Mikuru Asahina: The time traveler, Itsuki Koizumi: The esper and of course Kyon: The grunt. Yeah hes the slave of the group.

Yuki, Mikuru and Itsuki have all reveled themselves to Kyon and told him that they where sent by their higher-ups to watch over Haruhi. She must never know of her powers or of their powers otherwise the world will change.

Harauhi's version of the SOS Brigade is to find time travelers, espers and aliens or any other weird unusual activity that looks ordinary. Now the real reason behind SOS Brigade is to watch over Harauhi and make her life as un-boring as possible to prevent the creation of a new world.

6. Violet Evergarden

Genre - Fantasy, Drama, Slice Of Life, Tragedy 

Episodes 13, Seasons 1, OVAS 1

After Violet survives the great war, she wake up in the army's hospital. She's realizes her arms are lost and they've been replaced with silver prosthetic arms. She was hoping to go back to work as soon as possible, she tries to write a report to her superior officer, but she cant seem to hold a pen with her new arms.

Hodgins who was a former lieutenant-colonel of the army comes to pick her up. Violet is taken to the capital city, Leiden. While looking at the city where scars remained from the war, violet reminisced to certain words that Gilbert told her on the battlefield.

7. A Silent Voice

Genre - Romance, Drama


Silent voice is a movie that was produced by Kyoto Animation in late 2016. This is truly a master piece that I recommend every anime fan should watch. For this specific anime movie I wont go explain that much.

Shoya Ishida was about to commit suicide, though he suddenly changes his mind after remembering his days in his elementary school. He recalls a deaf transfer student called Shoko Nishimiya. Shoko tried to make friends at her new school... Though since she was deaf she could only use hand-language to communicate with other people. This really annoyed Shoya, so him and his friends began to bullied her every day.

Though eventually the principal found out and Shoya was singled out as the culprit. So the class started bullying him and subjecting him to the same abuse he gave Shoko. He blamed Shoko for the current situation he was in and he got into a physical altercation with her. After that altercation Shoko got transferred to another school. Shoya later finds Shoko's notebook she left behind so he keeps it..

8. Tamako Market

Genre - Comedy, Slice Of Life

Episodes 18, Seasons 1, Movies 1

An adorable clumsy teenage girl named Tamako Kitashirakawa is the daughter of a family of mochi bakers that own a quaint shop called Tama-ya thats based inside the Usagiyama Shopping District.  Suddenly, one day Tamako finds a talking bird named Dera Mochimazzi that presents himself as royalty from a distant land. Dera says that he's looking to find a bride for his country's prince.

Dera is dedicated to finish his mission, so he follows Tamako to her house and then develops an addiction to mochi and thus becoming very overweight, this stops him from flying back to his homeland so he decides to stay at tamakos house. He later becomes the communities mascot.

Meanwhile, Mochizou Ooji, who's Tamako's friend hides his true feelings from her. Since Tamako and Mochizou's fathers are fierce mochi rivals.

9. Lucky Star

Genre - Slice Of Life, Comedy, Parody, School

Episodes 24, Seasons 1, OVAS 1

Lucky star is an unusually humerus anime thats shows you the life of a group of high-school girls named Miyuki Takara, Konata Izumi, Tsukasa Hiiragi and Kagami Hiiragi.

The main character of the show is Konata Izumi, shes an intelligent athletic girl, that despite her attributes, she's not in any sports clubs, she spends everyday just playing video games. since she plays video games all the time, she always resorts to staying up all night studying for tests (Which she passes flawlessly every time).

If you haven't noticed Konata's a lazy girl that lacks interest in everything other than anime and video games. As the story goes on Miyuki, Konata, Tsukasa and Kagami move from first year to second year then to third year. However, the anime starts at their second year of high-school.

Lucky star also has numerous references from other popular anime and manga.

10. K-On!!

Genre - Music, Comedy, Slice Of Life, School

Episodes 39, Seasons 2, OVAS 2, Movies 1, Extra Episodes 17

K-On's story is revolves around a group of first year girls that decided to join the Light Music Club. The Light Music Club was going to be disbanded due to lack of members. Though the girls wouldn't allow this to happen, so Mio Akiyama and Ritsu Tainaka both decided to start recruiting (since they needed 4 members to be recognized as an official club).

They recruited Tsumugi Kotobuki and later on got Yui Hirasawa to join as the fourth member. They then formed a band and named it "Ho-kago Tea Time". In the 2nd year they got their 5th member named Azusa Nakano joined the Light Music Club. Though the girls sometimes spend their time practicing and performing,  series is more focused on their day to day lives at the school.

Everyone from the Light Music Club are known for having tea every single day after school (Hence the name after school teatime) and slacking off all time rather than actually practicing music.. This is another cutesy anime by Kyoto that everyone should watch.

Due to the recent Events of Kyoto Animation, I decided to make a list of their top best produced anime (My opinion). Everyone raised a total of $2,370,670 (¥250,416,242) out of the goal of $750,000 (¥79,204,500) on gofundme

From me and Everyone else: Thank you for all your hard work and dedication and for years of entertainment. We all love you and are all wishing for a speedy recovery. our thoughts and prayers are with the families effected 

Here's an official statement from Kyoto Animation website >Thank you for your support and guidance<

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