Top 10 Smartest Anime Characters With The Highest IQ

Smartest Anime Characters With The Highest IQ

10. Tatsuya Shiba

Anime - Mahouka Kaukou No Rettousei

Number 10 Shiba Tatsuya. Shiba is a first year student that just enrolled at the National Magic University Affiliated First High School. Shiba is incredibly tactical and can sometimes predict when an appoint will strike. He mainly specializes in assassinations and combat, he including long-range combat.

9. Nara Shikamaru

Anime - Naruto 

Number 9 Nara Shikamaru. Nara is a shinobi of Konohagakure's Nara clan. He has a very lazy nature, Nara has a rare intellect that allows him to win in combat. Though his rare intellect allows him to win all his combat the responsibilities leave him with him.

8. Yuuko Shionji

Anime - Heaven's Memo Pad 

Number 8 Yuuko Shionji, Yuuko is a mysterious character whose age is unknown. She calls herself Alice since she doesn't know her name yet due to suffering from insomnia. Yuuko is apart of the Neet Detective's and is a genius and an incredibly amazing hacker. She's the brains behind investigations and gathering information. She also solves some of the most difficult cases known to man, she does all this by only using her computer or laptop. 

Yuuko has never been seen leaving her room. When she wants to eat, she people bring it to her since she is always looking for information to  complete the next case.

7. Victorique De Blois

Anime - Gosick

Number 7, Victorique De Blois. Victorique is a 15 year old girl that sometimes looks like a porcelain doll, she sounds very mature when she is seen smoking a white pipe. Victorique doesn't do anything other than reading books in different languages at the same time. She has amazing detective skills, impressive knowledge. She is a very unique girl with a bizarre attitude because of her past.

6. Makishima Shogo

Anime - Psycho Pass

Number 6 is Shogo Makishima. Shogo is a proud humanist that enjoys dystopian literature and overthrowing Japanese society. Shogo is a criminal mastermind with amazing hand to hand combat skills, has very high intelligence and is a master manipulator. He is obsessed with restoring individual thought to the futuristic world of Psycho-Pass.

5. Sora

Anime - No Game No Life

Number 5 on the list is Sora. Sora has amazing reasoning abilities and in depth of historical, scientific knowledge and persuasive abilities. He can talk his way out of anything and can turn an entire country on his side. Sora can even trick people that can predict the future. He is a masterful quick thinker and is able to come up with quick solutions to the most crazy dire situations he gets himself in. The only things he lacks in is his logic and reasoning skills.

4. Yuki Nagato

Anime - The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

At number 4 is Yuki Nagato. Yuki Nagato is a school girl who was forced to be a member of the SOS Brigade by Haruhi Suzumiya. At first glance Nagato Yuki appears to be a typical shy Highschool girl. But in reality she's really an alien that possesses supernatural powers. She has access to the worlds information from the past and the future, never forgets information, can read a full book in minutes, and travel in between dimensions or even destroy the world she wanted to.

Though despite all the powers and intelligence she has, she's only ordered (basically a puppet with no will of her own) by the Data Overmind, called the Data Integration Thought Entity. 

3. Light Yagami

Anime Website names
Anime - Death Note

Light Yagami is a genius getting first in the national exams and university entrance exams also athletic and is pretty attractive and very popular with the ladies. Later on in the anime Light finds the Death Note. The Death Note was dropped in the Human world by a shinigami named Ryuk who is now Lights companion. Light then proceeds to create a new world by killing all the criminals in the world by writing there names in the Death Note. Light begins to go against evil and plans to be a God of this new world he envisions. 

While he is trying to create the perfect world a genius detective named L is trying to track down Light (whom the public now refer as Kira). L then recruits a small task force of the Japanese police including Light's father chief of police. as L suspects light of being Kira. Now the two are in a cat and mouse game, with Light trying to learn L's real name so he can finally kill him, and L trying to get Light to make a mistake giving him the proof he needs to arrest him. 

2. Johan Liebert

Anime - Monster

The 2nd smartest Anime Character of all time is Johan Liebert. At a very young age Johan Liebert was shot in the head and was then operated on, by a man called Dr. Kenzo Tenma. ever since Dr. Tenma saved Johan's life he has been really grateful to him. Johan has spent a huge part of his life in different places under many different aliases, Johan possesses an amazing level of charisma and intelligence so he uses his gift to cruelly manipulate and corrupt other people. He can even drive people to commit suicide and can make his targets insane if it fits his plans. His goal is to be the last one standing at the end of the world.

1. Lelouch Lamperouge

Anime - Code Geass

Finally at number 1, the smartest Anime Character of all time is Lelouch Lamperouge. Lelouch is a genius prince with the ability to change the world. He has an insane scientific, tactical, military, analytical, deductive reasoning abilities, Lelouch is able to lead a large military organization called "Black Knights". The Black Knights fight against the government and eventually lead the entire world. Lelouch Lamperouge is also extremely persuasive, he can convince people to follow him due to his Geass. Lelouch also changed the entire world into a greater place by executing his greatest plan, Zero Requiem.

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