What happened after Graduation K-On!! Season 2 - Alternate Timeline Z (Takotsuboya Trilogy)

Yui Hirasawa..

At the end of Yui's high school journey. Sawako realizes that Yui is a gifted musician as well as having a great singing voice. So Sawako uses her industry contacts and gets Yui a Business contact. Soon enough Yui quickly becomes Japan’s newest musical sensation

But Sadly, her childish personality gets her into constant trouble, especially when she makes careless remarks on national television that the "bloodthirsty media eagerly distort into controversies. Her manager is barely able to keep her under control. Eventually, Yui starts to interact with other musicians that then leads her to the darker side of the rock star lifestyle. Due to Yui Still having a child-like personality, she is unable to process that drugs are dangerous and quickly begins to become a drug addict.

Later Yui then gets arrested for smoking marijuana at age 24, so to avoid prosecution she flees to England. Then a few months later She dies of a sleeping pill overdose at age 25. After Yui's death, her parents and her sister form a copyright company to preserve her legacy, after releasing her final album called “That Is It” after her death.

Azusa Nakano..

After the girl's graduate and all go there separate ways, Azusa tries to convince Sawako to hook her up with her industry contacts since she got Yui a place in the rock star world. Sawako disregards her and points out that being in a high-school band doesn't qualify her to be a professional musician.

Though Azusa's determined to become a famous musician like Yui. It took a lot of dedication and hard work. Soon enough Azusa finally finds and joins an idol group called AK-47.  After a while AK-47 manages to overtake Yui on the music charts though, Azusa discovers that the leader of the Idol group only got her position because she was sleeping with the casting director. Azusa then hits the leader on stage and went on to start a solo career.

After starting her solo-career Azusa starts street performing in Akiba, for a while she tried to write her own music though no one cared, so she then started to rip off Yui's music and still ended in failure. After hearing that Yui died from a drug overdose. Azusa then decides to quit street-preforming and pursued a more realistic dream as a music store employee.

Tsumugi Kotobuki..

After Tsumugi graduated she found a rich foreign man named John who she later married and moved to England with. Before Tsumugi moved she had a short meeting with Yui though after that she was never heard from again.

Ritsu Tainaka..

After Sawako gave Yui a boost to fame and fortune at the expense of the rest of the HTT members, Ritsu gets the message and goes out to get a regular store job at a place called Nagato Couriers. She maintains her cheerful disposition and is thankful to Yui for making her realize that she had no talent playing for drums. When Ritsu isn't working she likes to hang around with Mio and go karaoke now and then.

Mio Akiyama..

After Mio graduated Highschool, she went on and finished collage with top grades. After she finished collage Mio ended up working for a music company. Later on, she starts sleeping with one of the company executives a 42-year-old married man who promises Mio that he will be divorcing his wife soon.

Mio begins living a wealthy lifestyle with the extra cash flow from this affair. she very frequently disses Ritsu for working a lower-class job. Though when the affair with the executive comes to an end, Mio then finds herself jobless and decides to focus everything on her music.

Mio now living as a NEET, she now begins to obsess and stalk Yui online. Mio now has become really jealous of Yui's success and her talent, especially since Mio's practice and hard work has gotten her nowhere.


Soon enough, Mio's NEET lifestyle begins to take a turn for the worse. All of her music videos online fail to gain any popularity, and now she just engorges herself in junk food to ease the pain of depression. Rapidly gaining weight, and rapidly losing savings, Mio then becomes desperate and sings one of Yui's famous cover songs while filming herself naked.She then uploads the video to a site called Niya Niya Douga.

After uploading a flood of negative comments started coming in, calling her "Fat, Ugly, pathetic and a granny NEET", drives Mio to a spiral of despair. She finally realizes that she hasn't any real talent and decides to isolate herself and cries herself to sleep under her covers.

A couple of days later Ritsu called Mio and offers her a part-time job at Nagato Couriers. Mio accepts and is now ready to live her life is an average no-name laborer with Ritsu.

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