Code Geass Anime R2 Ending Explained (Lelouch Lamperouge Is Still ALIVE) Code Geass R3 confirmed

Code Geass R2 Ending Lelouchs Death Explained

People seem to think that Lelouch Lamperouge died at the end of Code Geass R2, Though if you where paying attention at the ending of Code Geass R2 you would understand that the ending was just a cliffhanger. They deliberately gave us a sneaky clue that this isn't the end of code Geass.

The reason why Lelouch is still alive even after getting "killed" by Zero (Suzaku Kururugi) is because in episode 21 Charles (The 98th emperor of the Britannian Empire) was killed by Lelouch. Although he didn't kill Charles with his hands he is still responsible for killing him after using his Geass on the subconscious that later killed Charles.

Before Charles died he tried to choke Lelouch with his right hand (The same hand that had the Geass symbol."This when things start making sense") while Charles was choking him with his Geass hand Lelouch was stealing his code, thus making Lelouch immortal

To back up my theory further in the church scene of the final episode of R2 CC said while crying "The price you're going to pay for using your Geass is going to be a dear one" 

This little scene has a way deeper meaning. CC wouldn't care if Lelouch was to die because she always says that life is meaningless. The price she was talking about is Lelouch being immortal. That's why she is crying she doesn't anyone to be immortal.

Now theirs Nunnally (Lelouchs sister). After she touches Lelouchs hand it looks like she sees all his memories. Though as you follow through her character you learn that she has an instinct of figuring out when someone lying just by touching their hand. 

This could be a Geass of her own and thats why she knows if someone is lying to her or it could be a result of her being blind for all those years and has made her develop other senses just by touching someones hand and feeling there pulse. (I think that after he "dies" he activated his code and shared some of his memories to show his sister that everything he did was sincere).

Theres a simple answer of to why he let Zero kill Lelouch. Lelouch told orange everything about letting zero kill him and that in order for him to make the world a better place he simply must die. Orange is way to loyal to just let Lelouch die otherwise.

Lastly there's the cart scene. Without a doubt the man on the horses is Lelouch. Since the world is now a peaceful world why would you need to hide your face? on top of all that his head is down while riding the horse.

While Lelouch was riding the horses CC said while looking at the sky "The power of the kings geass brings one solitude not quite accurate wouldn't you say so Lelouch?" then she moves her head to the driver of the cart. Now if that isn't Lelouch then why would she have said all that and turned to the driver?

If you're still not convinced then lets end this off with the Code Geass R3 Trailer.

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  1. Due to limitation on size I am forced to split my message. Apologies for that!
    PART 1

    A classic case of presenting non-canon headcanon as canon, despite the show staff having contradicted that theory, and despite the anime itself fully debunking the theory.
    All the info I use here, and much more such as the official statements from the show staff (including sources!!), comes from the compilation post. All links and sources can be found there. I highly recommend anyone with an interest in Code Geass to read it.
    EDIT: I can post links here, it seems. Go to reddit and add /user/GeassedbyLelouch/comments/8hklfr/evaluating_code_theory_main_body_index/

    Let's go over it point by point.

    > in episode 21 Charles (The 98th emperor of the Britannian Empire) was killed by Lelouch

    Even though Lelouch feels morally responsible, this isn't what happens at all.
    Lelouch requests "god" to not stop the forward march of time. That's all.
    It was "god" who decided to erase both Charles and Marianne from existence, even though that's not what Lelouch requested.
    A few people try to frame the "Begone!" line from Lelouch as what kills Charles, but that is easily debunked by pointing out Charles and Marianne were already disappearing long BEFORE Lelouch spoke that line.
    Imagine, if it was truly his "begone" line which killed Charles, what would have happened to the disappearing Charles if Lelouch had not said that? Would the disappearing randomly stop? Would Charles just a floating head? 2 floating eye balls? Would the erasing of Charles be reversed? This all just shows Lelouch played no role in the erasing of Charles.

    Not only that, but this entire point is moot since it is based on the erroneous notion that one needs to kill a code bearer to get his code.
    The anime SHOWS us that isn't true.
    You don't get the code by killing a code bearer, no you "condemn" a former code bearer to certain death by removing his code and rendering him mortal again. That was the goal of the nun and C.C., become mortal so they could die again.
    The anime itself provides us with proof for this: Charles had V.V.'s codes and yet V.V. was 1) still alive after the transfer and 2) not killed by Charles afterwards.
    In Turn 15 Lelouch tries to geass Charles, but it fails. We know this fails because both the anime and the show staff tell us this.
    The anime tells us by showing us that Charles had no red rings around his eyes (which ALL victims of Lelouch's geass have), nor did the blue nerves realigning scene happen.
    The show staff were far less subtle, they explicitly explained all of this during a live commentary:
    "He isn't geassed, just pretends he dies!" " He tries to surprise his son!" "Poor Lelouch" "He tries to choose the most shocking timing, doesn't he" "I'm sure he tries hard not to laugh"

    There you have it, explicit confirmation that Charles never got geassed, never died, already was immune to geass, already was immortal and thus already had the code BEFORE he shot himself.
    The only moment when Charles could have gotten V.V.'s code was in Turn 14 when he meets up with him. I.e. Long before V.V.'s death, succumbing to his injuries from battle, which were fatal without the code sustaining him.

    This means 3 things.
    1) codes do not need to be activated, through death or other means.
    2) killing the former code bearer is not part of the code transfer
    3) the death of the former code bearer isn't even necessary at all

    And thus this entire point was debunked.

  2. > Charles was choking him with his Geass hand

    There is nothing in the anime which suggest you need to physically touch the code to transfer it. That's just a made up fantasy without any support.
    It's a fake clue, created to give the appearance of validity.

    > The price you're going to pay for using your Geass is going to be a dear one" ... she always says that life is meaningless.

    This completely throws out the entire character progression arc of C.C. just to attempt to make a point.
    C.C. herself says she embraces life and the future (Turn 24). At this point of the anime she no longer sees life as meaningless.
    The price Lelouch was paying was death.
    Why would C.C. even be crying if Lelouch were to become immortal? She and Lelouch boinking for all eternity seemed like such a bleak future to her?
    She cried because she mourned Lelouch's death. She herself says she mourns his death in the remade epilogue from 2009 (EDIT: again, I can't post links here. The link to this epilogue can be found in the reddit compilation post mentioned at the top, follow those instructions and you'll find it). Mourning his death really isn't compatible with the idea that Lelouch was immortal.

    > After she touches Lelouchs hand it looks like she sees all his memories.

    She doesn't.
    This can be demonstrated in a million ways.
    1) C.C. says the recipient of the visions sees shock images. Nunnally didn't.
    2) C.C. said the visions come from the recipient's personal consciousness. Nunnally wasn't present in the images, so they could not be her consciousness. (and before anyone points at Narita, C.C. was shortcircuiting and they all were in a shared vision, you can even see Lelouch's "spirit" stand next to Suzaku's, so it was all mixed up)
    3) C.C. said she didn't know what images exactly the recipient sees, implying she can't choose the images. That makes it impossible for Lelouch to deliberately show those images.
    4) The images contain none of the typically geass related imagery such as blue nerves and tunnels.
    5) The images shown also don't contain the typical audio cues for geass related events.
    6) The chronology of the scene tells us clearly that Nunnally did NOT see anything at all! The order of events is this: Nunnally touches Lelouch, Nunnally reacts and audibly gasps, images are shown, Nunnally cries. This shows us that Nunnally reacted BEFORE the images. It makes NO SENSE to show the images afterwards if she was reacting TO the images. That means those images were non-diegetic, i.e. for the audience only.
    7) the show staff explicitly denied in Mook Animedia that code or geass powers were involved and stressed that Nunnally's realization was entirely her own. It wasn't induced by Lelouch.

    BTW, fun fact code theory debunks code theory!
    If Lelouch had to die to get the code (a false claim of the theory), then how could the not-yet-dead Lelouch use code powers??

    > (I think that after he "dies" he activated his code and shared some of his memories to show his sister that everything he did was sincere)

    As said above, you just massively contradicted yourself.

    > Theres a simple answer of to why he let Zero kill Lelouch.

    Yes, there is.
    No, it's not what you claim.
    The reason why Jeremiah lets Zero pass is for the simple reason that Jeremiah was super loyal and knew of Lelouch's plan to die for the sake of his redemption. Loyal as he was, Jeremiah would NEVER disobey an order from his beloved emperor.

    > Orange is way to loyal to just let Lelouch die otherwise.

    Yet another self-contradiction!
    If he's so loyal, he would never disobey the command of Lelouch to let him die.
    Loyalty means following commands, not disobeying commands because of personal emotions!

  3. PART 3 (I forgot to label part 2 as such, oops)

    > Since the world is now a peaceful world why would you need to hide your face?

    We don't see his face because he's a nobody, a figurant. The cart needs a driver, that's all.
    What you're doing is projecting without any basis or foundation. Projection is not proof, in fact it's often the lack of proof which drives projection.

    > then she moves her head to the driver of the cart.

    This is simply a blatant lie.
    Look at the scene.
    The driver is behind and below her, while she is lying on her back.
    And the she looks UP!
    Up is literally the only direction further away from the driver.
    If she wanted to face the drivers she could have turned sideways or turned around or do any other thing except look UP.

    > "The power of the kings geass brings one solitude not quite accurate wouldn't you say so Lelouch?"

    First of all, she was talking to a dead Lelouch in her heart. People do that all the time, both in the anime as in real life. There's plenty of examples for this in the anime, such as Kallen every time she addresses Naoto.
    Secondly, you completely misunderstand what she's saying. She's saying that having met Lelouch who accepted her for who she was she now has learned that in the future (which she is embracing now!) there will always be people who accept her, and thus she needn't be lonely.
    Or, in the words of the show staff: "Knowing that Lelouch does not hate her for giving him the Geass, she is now able to show her true feelings. With the realization of "Zero Requiem", her time with Lelouch, who was able to forgive and accept her, came to an end, but the memories created with him has, without doubt, saved her from eternal loneliness."

    But that's not all one can say about this scene.
    Are you aware that for the official R2 recap movie ("Zero Requiem", 2009), this scene was dropped? If this scene was so significant to understand the "real" story, they would never have dropped it, not even in a recap. That would be like dropping Suzaku killing Lelouch. And yet it was dropped, which tells us this scene wasn't worth keeping for a recap and thus not important at all for the story.
    But wait, there's more!
    Not only was it dropped, but it was REPLACED by a new epilogue scene (already linked above) where C.C. directly addresses the viewer and explicitly explains that Lelouch is dead and that she mourns his death, but that knowing he died with a smile on his face because he achieved world peace gives her comfort.
    This COMPLETELY obliterates the fake meaning conspiracy theorists are trying to give to the cart scene.

  4. PART 4 (final part)

    > the Code Geass R3 Trailer

    1) This entire trailer turned out to be nothing but fake mystery to create hype for the movie. I don't blame you, though, I, too, believed this was real. But no, not a single scene of this trailer is part of the movie.
    2) The new movie is called "Lelouch of the Resurrection" clearly saying Lelouch is dead and will return after having been resurrected from the grave.
    3) Even though the movie is an AU, the very fact they needed to create an AU based on "what if C.C. couldn't accept Lelouch's death" is clear proof that Lelouch is deader than dead in R2.
    4) Even in the movie Lelouch didn't get a code, he was truly dead. C.C. explains Shirley smuggled Lelouch's corpse to her. C.C. explains she resurrected his corpse by reconstructing it. And the new power Lelouch ends up getting, with mark, is shown not to be a code because it functions completely differently.

    For closing I will show you that the director Taniguchi and all the writers had always decided to kill off Lelouch, even before the writing had started. That also means there are NO clues in the anime because they never had that in mind (all those fake clues have been debunked by the community and are part of the compilation post linked above). Lelouch's death as payment for his sins was essential to the show staff.
    These statements come from the "Geass Memories", part of the 10 year Code Geass anniversary where it was explained how the show was made.

    "Before I started writing the story of a person called Lelouch, I confirmed with Taniguchi-director something. That thing was that the end of Lelouch will be death."

    "This man called Lelouch will pay for his sins by his death. The story follows him till he finally make this decision."

    "Probably this Lelouch we see in the first episode of the series wouldn't choose death. He would try something to avoid it. He couldn't die, for Nunnally as well. But we see him changed in the last episode."

    So, as you can see, they are extremely explicit, Lelouch died because he wanted to die, he chose death. That was his atonement for all the sins he committed.


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