Solid Proof The Earth Is Flat

1. There isn't a curve 

Looking at the two pictures above you can clearly see a flat surface. There is no horizon! The sky and earth just don't meet. If the earth was really round you would see a curve! Though a typical round Earther (A sheep) will disagree and bring up every "Scientific reason to disprove the Earth being flat.

Another lie NASA has been telling the world is the sun is "93 million miles away" 
(150,000,000 Kilometers) when in fact the sun is only 2,000 miles away from earth (3,219 Kilometers ).

If you still don't believe it then look at the four pictures. If the sun was 93,000,000 miles away from earth then why are there clouds behind the sun? No cloud should be behind the sun after all since its "93 million miles away".

2. What does earth look like, how is circumnavigation possible?

A scientific study shows that 80% of the world population thinks the world is a sphere. But in actuality the world is a flat floating disk, with the North Pole in the centre of the world and Antarctica being the edge of the world.

That's what the world looks like from a space prospective. Circumnavigation is done by moving in a circle around the North Pole. The entire earth is also surrounded by a huge ice wall that holds the ocean back so the water doesn't fall off the plane.

The wall that surrounds the earth is what explorers named Antarctica, though no one knows whats beyond the wall of ice. Many of the Flat Earth Society members are still debating of what could be beyond the ice wall. Since no one has been past the ice wall or if they have they haven't returned to share their journey.

3. How does the day and night cycle work if the Earth is flat?

The day and night cycle is is fairly easy to explain on the flat Earth. The Sun and Moon move in circles around the North Pole. So when the Sun is over your head its day time and when the Moon is over your head it's night time.

Since the Sun is restricted to a limited area and the Sun light acts as a spotlight on the earth the picture above shows how the sun moves and also shows how the seasons work on the flat Earth.

4. Astronauts have showed logical evidence of a round earth?

When it comes to an argument against the Flat Earth Community the first argument is Astronauts have been to space and have disproved it. Though the thing is no one has actually left earth, space agencies all over the world are involved in faking space travel. 

This all began during the Cold war's space race when the USSR and USA were completely obsessed in being the first into space. It had gotten to a point when the both knew it was impossible and both faked their accomplishments. Now its all about money and greed rather and using only a bit of their funding to continue mislead the world about the fake space exploration.

In the video above"astronaut" Scott Kelly posted on his twitter states that he "Flew above the earth in a space station" and captured the full footage over 365 days up in the sky.

Though when you watch the full video you can see its been heavily edited. (Due to the "Space station" not moving an inch and only the earth is moving.)

5. How is there a magnetic field if the Earth is flat?

Its a well known fact that Magnets cannot be unipolar, though its true that unipolar magnets can't exist this isn't an issue for the flat Earth. This is because the earth has ring magnets. Ring magnets are shaped like a flat disk and are capable of radial magnetization. Radial magnetization has one magnetic pole thats in the centre of the Earth and the other is all around the edge of the magnet

6. How does the timezone work if the Earth is flat?

The timezone layout on earth is the same concept you would find on a clock. The Sun and the Moon rotate in a circle so when the Sun is north its 12pm and on the opposite end its 12am, when its east its 6pm and the opposite end is 6am ect...

So whenever you look at a clock you'll know what way the Sun and Moon are rotating.

7. The "Evidence" of a round Earth

How can we be in 2018 and NASA still can't decide in what the Earth looks like. Everyone of the 8 Earths shown are all different, it's insane how this has gone completely unnoticed by everyone. 

the 2015 Earth photo is just all water (Since when was the Earth 100% water?). It also seems that the best quality photo of the "Round Earth" seems to be a photo in 1997 (21 Years ago). It's really bazaar how there can be anyone who believes we are on a floating rock.

A true hero Mike Huges launched his self made rocket in 1,900 feet into the air in his homebrew rocket, he spent months building this rocket to prove the Earth is flat. Mike Huges will prove that the Earth is flat in our life time for sure. I'm sure this will go down in history for the Flat Earth Society.

Rocket man is a true inspiration to the flat Earth society all around the Globe!


  1. What a load of old bollocks. On your animation showing the spinning sun and moon, how the fuck can you explain how certain countries have close to 6 months day and six months nights? Your model is a load of old shit. You are all bonkers and are lost souls.

  2. Mike Huges was an idiot that killed himself launching a rocket that flies lower than most commercial airlines. Typical flat earth idiocy.

  3. Here we go....

    1) The reason that you cannot see a curve is because the photo is showing a small area. The Earth is probably much bigger than your tiny, flat earther brains can comprehend, so you would need to be able to see a much larger area to see the curve of the Earth.

    The phenomenon regarding the Sun occurs because thinner clouds are transparent, and the light from the Sun or the Moon is relatively very bright. Our eyes and camera sensors are unable to distinguish the part of the Sun / Moon which is obscured by the thin clouds from the part which is unobstructed by clouds.,from%20the%20part%20which%20is%20unobstructed%20by%20clouds.

    2) Here is a simple diagram that I hope you peanut - brained flat earthers might understand:

    3) In your diagram, the Sun is moving round and round, and as you have said previously, it is 2000 miles away from the Earth. Well, I can tell you that if we were that close to it, we would have been vapourised, if not dragged into its gravity, which is 330,000 times stronger than that of Earth's.

    Let's break this down.

    We are roughly 93 million miles away from the Sun. We are also 3 million miles away from the point where the temperature would be above 248 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 120 degrees Celsius.

    If we were really 2000 miles away from Earth, it would be well over those temperatures. 2000 is a much smaller number than 3 million, meaning that we would have far surpassed the 248°F (120°C) temperature barrier.

    We would all be dead.

    Furthermore, when you see the Moon or Sun 'rise' you see it rise up from behind the horizon, rather than it just 'appearing' like it would if the Earth was flat.

    4) You have said that the video that you provided has been heavily edited because the Earth is moving while the space station is completely still. This is very ignorant because if you actually watch the video, the stars are also moving. This is because the space station is travelling around the Earth.

    5) This point is so absurd that I genuinely have no idea what you are talking about.

    The magnetic field would either be too weak at the south pole (or anywhere near it) for magnets to work, or so strong at the north pole (or anywhere near it) that normal magnets would be drawn towards the ground with a strong magnetic force.

    It makes me laugh that I found information proving the Earth is round on the flat Earth society website.

    6) This is impossible because this does not explain how during the summer, places such as Perth, Melbourne, Auckland, Buenos Aires, and Johannesburg do not experience night. There are probably even more places that I'm not aware of.

    7) Firstly, technology is always changing, so the pictures will have different quality. Secondly, in each picture the clouds are different, because the clouds are always moving and changing. Thirdly, some of the pictures are taken from different sides of the Earth (because, you guessed it, the Earth is spherical), so the continents you can see vary. Finally, the reason the picture of the Earth in 2015 is not just showing water, the clouds are just covering up the continents. You can just make out some land if you look closely.

    So there you have it. The Earth is spherical. What I think is really funny is that I, a 14 year old, have better grammar and spelling than you and I am able to easily disprove all of your theories.

  4. Do tell me, just a simple question. The size of the sun and moon as they reach the horizon why don't they shrink in size if they are just moving around some flat surface as they go out of range? This makes no sense. Also, standing on the outside of this disk from any one of those southern continents and they all see the same constellations. How can this be, if they are all looking opposite from each other? I still have to ignore reality to think there is an answer.


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