5 Interesting Facts About The Universe You Wont Believe

Number 1 Scientists Are Looking For Proof Of Alien life

A Search for Alien life is a project to see if Alien life exists outside Earth. The search includes looking for life on other planets and moons. Example Jupiter’s moons are good places to look for evidence of life, but the search for Alien life includes a lot scientific research on Earth first.
If any scientists can discover evidence of life has started more than once then it would suggest that life could occur in more than one place more than once. This is why Scientists are searching for evidence that life could have happened more than once on earth too.
Number 2 Giant Cloud Of Alcohol In Sagittarius B

Sagittarius B (An Area of Molecular cloud gas and dust) is floating near the centre of the milky way about 26,000 light-years away from Earth. Sagittarius B contains 10-billion-Trillion liters of alcohol.

Number 3 Years Are Shorter Than Days On Venus 

Venus (The goddess of love) is one of the slowest rotating planets in the Solar System, Venus takes longer to fully rotate than it does to complete a full orbit which means that Venus has days that actually lasts longer than its years. 

Number 4 Looking At The Sky at Night Is Looking Back In Time

    Crazy right? You see the stars we see in the night sky are very, very far away from us, infact so far that the star light we see has taken years of time to travel across space to reach our eyes. So this means whenever you are star gazing you are actually experiencing how they looked in the millions of years ago.

    Number 5 We are all made of stardust 

    Legit, 90% of the human body is star dust... So basically everything in your body is made from star dust elements except for hydrogen and helium. Everything else is created from the stars. NASA has been studying stardust extensively, and you can read more about their research on their official website.

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