Top 10 Funny Anime Traps

1. Kinoshita Hideyoshi

Anime - Baka and Test - 2 Seasons, 26 Episodes, 2 Ovas

Hideyoshi (On the right) is one of the more iconic traps in anime. Yes, he has a sister (Left) and they are both twins. That would explain his feminine traits.. Kind of? But looking at the Two you can see hes is more of a bishoujo in the relationship between the two. Everyone who's watched Baka and Test knows that Hideyoshi has said countless times to everyone that hes not a girl, though no one quite believes him.

Everything about Kinoshita Hideyoshi screams, A TRAP!!! You'll even see some of the guy characters dress him up and to only then peek at him getting undressed.. Definitely an anime worth watching if you haven't yet seen it

2. Hime Arikawa

Anime - Himegoto - Seasons 1, Episodes 13

Hime Arikawa is an androgynous looking guy that suffers from huge debt. He was recently saved by girls, though those girls make him their personal secret servant and force him to wear girls clothes all the time. This is basically the full anime in a nutshell (Not nut pun intended).

This is one show that you don't come to watch for the cute girls, you watch for the trap. You'll see Arikawa in all sorts of awkward funny situations.

3. Kaoru Hanase

Anime - Tamako Market - Seasons 1, Episodes 19, Movies 1

Although this is never really addressed, but Kaoru is the proud owner of a flower shop. Kaoru has a very manly voice and she (he?) is taller than most of the shop owners in the market district. Despite her (his?) soft features and fluffy flowing blonde hair. Everyone has their thought on weather she is male or female.

4. Kenjirou Hato

Anime - Genshiken - seasons 2, Episodes 38, OVAS 3

Kenkiro Hato is the last of the new Genshiken members and hes one of the first and only male to ever join the group. Hato is a fudanshi (a male fujoshi) and he loves yaoi (Yes yaoi, he loves yaoi) and doujinshi as well as manga.

He thought that being a fudanshi would cause major problems for him so he adopted a female persona (Since it would be weird that a boy loves yaoi), including perfecting a female voice and dressing as a female when attending Genshiken. He gains a lot of attention since hes seen as a very beautiful attractive girl.

5. hideri kanzaki

Anime - Blend S - Seasons 1, Episodes 12

All of the main protagonists in Blend S have their own unique characteristics that come from the letter "S" such as "Smile, Sweet, Sister, Sadistic, Surprise, Service" Can you guess what Hideri Kanzaki characteristic is among the 6? If you guessed Surprise then congratulations! You win a cookie!

This distinct characteristic conveniently makes a lot of sense for Hideri. His small frame and facial features fools everyone in thinking hes a girl (They're all in for a surprise). Hideri's dream is to be an idol and often does cute poses. He is definitely a narcissist and only cares about his outer appearance and to only look cute

6. Kuranosuke Koibuchi

Anime - Princess Jellyfish - Seasons 1, Episodes 11

Kuranosuke Koibuchi is a crossdresser, he belongs from a very wealthy family that has a political background, though hes not really into politics. Kuranosuke is much more interested in fashion than anything else, he dresses as a girl and he believes that any girl or woman can be beautiful. His alias is "Kurajo and he prefers to hide his true gender.

7. Haruhi Fujioka

Anime - Ouran Highschool Host Club - Seasons 1, Episodes 26

Haruhi is one of the main characters in the anime OHHC, shes a very intelligent first year student from a middle-class family, (Meaning poor to the Oruan pupils) she goes to Quran Academy..

Haruhi was looking for a quiet place to study, but then finds herself in the schools male-only host club. She was mistaken for a boy due to her short hair and androgynous clothes. While walking around she accidentally knocks over a very expensive vase,  now shes forced to work for the club to work away her debt (to avoid making the situation worse, shes now keeping her real gender a secret).

8. Yukimura Kusunoki

Anime - Haganai - Seasons 2, Episodes 24, OVAS, 2

Yukimura is a cute, adorable girl, but her family has always wanted a boy, so at a young age, she was led to believe that she was a boy... So during the better part of her life she's always thought she was one making it almost impossible for her to find friends (Despite being born a girl). This makes all the boys really uncomfortable especially since shes has a thing for manliness.. This makes an amazing anime and it's honestly worth the watch too.

9. Jun Watarase

Anime - Happiness - Seasons 1, Episodes 12, OVAS, 1

Jun's a cute young girl. Everything about her is feminine, from long flowing hair, girlish violet eyes, She has female uniform that fits her perfectly.

Jun always has a smile on her face, shes full of joy wherever she goes, taking huge pride being a girl. Sometimes she makes it vocally known that she loves being one, however when she says it boys will often say that shes still a guy, but always brushes it off like it's nothing.

Although shes more of a transgender girl than an actual trap this still makes the list as one of the more sweetly awkward anime I've seen. 

10. Makoto

Anime - Minami-ke - Seasons 4, Episodes 42, OVAS 3

When Makoto went to Haruka Minami's house to do homework with his classmates, he suddenly developed a huge crush on Haruka. He is so in love with Haruka that he completely forgets about his homework and instead volunteers to help her with stuff in the kitchen. This made made Chiaki Minami (the third youngest) jealous and angry at Makoto and she decided to never let him back to let him back in the house.

Due to Makoto's crush on Haruka, he was willing to do anything to see her again, thats when Makoto was told by Kana Minami to come to her house, but with one condition! He must dress-up as a girl and be known as Mako-chan. Makoto accepts and hes now frequently at Harukas's house in drag. No one figures out who he is other than Uchida and Touma.

As time goes by Makoto struggles, but enjoys cross dressing, though since hes a man he cannot control his male urges, though enjoys and goes to great lengths putting together outfits and is more fashionable than any other girl in the family. 

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