Top 5 Recommended Romance Anime to watch (English Dubbed & Subbed)

Here is my five favorite “Romance anime genre” that I personally loved and enjoy, you’ll probably love these as well, plus there a great time waster if you’re bored!

No.1 Allison and Lillia

Allison and Lillia

So Allison and Lillia have just 1 season, (26 episodes altogether. Allison and Lillia is a relatively short anime but has a interesting story line).
So in Allison and Lillia the first half of the story centers around Allison, who’s a young blonde pilot in the Roxche Air Force who has experience with biplanes. She comes to visit her good friend Wil Schultz during his summer vacation at Rowe Sneyum Senior School’s dormitory after being away for six months. Wil, who resides in Roxche, enjoys reading books, has a photographic memory, and is a good marksman. The two get involved in three different adventures over a period of a year where they meet new people and form important bonds.

No.2 Please Teacher!

Please Teacher!

Please Teacher! has 1 season, and 13 episodes. (Really worth watching)
Please Teacher! is a story mainly revolving around a tight-knit group of friends in high school and how they cope with several life changing events that are never far off from intimate relationships. The main character is a boy named Kei Kusanagi who suffers from a very rare disease which causes a comatose state referred to as a standstill whenever he is under severe emotional distress. and in order to bring him out of it, Mizuho has to use her technology which is against the law.

No.3 Sasameki Koto

Sasameki Koto

Sasameki Koto again only has a single season (13 episodes).
A high school girl called Sumika Murasame who’s in love with her female best friend Ushio Kazama, but unable to confess how she feels as Ushio only likes girls she considers to be “cute” and “small”, while Sumika is tall and athletic. Sumika discovers one of her classmates, a boy named Masaki Akemiya who likes her, started cross-dressing to catch her attention, but inadvertently was hired as a model. Sumika and Ushio get to know two girls in their class who are a couple, Tomoe Hachikusa and Miyako Taema now Tomoe wants to start a “girl’s club” where only lesbians can join but is wrought with opposition. Sumika agrees to go on one date with Masaki, who comes cross-dressed as his female persona Akemi Yamasaki.

No.4 Angel Tales

Angel Tales

There are only 1 season and 13 episodes in Angel Tales. Another short anime but definitely worth the watch!   
In Angel Tales the main character, Gorō Mutsumi, has no luck at all, not with jobs, or with his schooling, and especially with women or girlfriends. That is until the day he meets a fortune teller who informs him that he will have a fateful encounter and adds a spell to his cell phone that allows his guardian angels to appear to him. Gorō does not believe her and walks away as he remembers all of his previous times of bad luck with women.

No.5 Tamako Market

Tamako Market

Alright, so the final anime is Tamako Market. Tamako Market has just 1 season (12 episodes)
Tamako Kitashirakawa is the eldest daughter of a family which runs the Tama-ya mochi shop in the Usagiyama Shopping District. One day, Tamako encounters a strange talking bird named Dera Mochimazzi who comes from a distant land searching for a bride for his country’s prince. After becoming overweight from eating too much mochi, Dera ends up becoming a freeloader in Tamako’s home.

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