Anime like Oreimo (English Dubbed & Subbed)

Kyosuke Kosaka is a 17 year old high school student, he’s not gotten along with his younger sister Kirino in years. Kirino has ignored his comings and goings and looked at him with spurring eyes. One day Kyosuke finds a DVD case of a magical girl anime which had fallen in his house’s entrance way. To Kyosuke’s surprise, he finds a hidden eroge inside the case and he soon learns that both the DVD and the game belong to Kirino.

No.1 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 

Kyon is a student of North High School in Nishinomiya. He’s dragged along by his classmate, the eponymous protagonist Haruhi Suzumiya, an eccentric girl seeking supernatural phenomena and figures such as aliens, time travelers, and espers. With Kyon’s reluctant help, Haruhi establishes a club called the “SOS Brigade”  short for “Spreading excitement all Over the world with Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade”  to investigate mysterious events.

No.2 Toradora


Ryuji Takasu is frustrated at trying to look his best as he enters his second year of high school. Despite his gentle personality, his eyes give him the appearance of an intimidating delinquent. He is happy to be classmates with his best friend Yusaku Kitamura, as well as the girl he has a crush on, Minori Kushieda.
However, he unexpectedly runs into “the school’s most dangerous animal “the highest risk level” Taiga Aisaka who just happens to be Minori’s best friend. Taiga has a negative attitude towards others and has a habit of snapping violently at people. She takes an instant dislike to Ryuji, and it turns out she is living in an apartment facing Ryuji’s house.

No.3 Lucky Star

Lucky Star

Lucky Star’s story is about several girls, Ryōō with a very loose sense of humor. The setting is mainly based on the city of Kasukabe in Saitama Prefecture. The main character is Konata Izumi, an athletic and intelligent girl who, despite these attributes, is not in a sports club and has to resort to all-nighter cramming for tests. Her laziness at school is due to her love for anime and video games and lack of interest in anything else.
The serialization began with the four main characters in their first year of high school: Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara. As the story progresses, they move on to their second and third years. The story line includes references to popular past and present manga and anime series (Most notably The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), as well as Japanese TV shows like Kamen Rider, and video games such as the Ace Attorney series.

No. 4 Kiss x Sis

Kiss x Sis

Keita Suminoe is a third year Japanese middle school student living with his father, stepmother, and older twin stepsisters, Ako and Riko. Since the remarriage of their parents at childhood, the siblings have always been affectionately close and supportive of one another. Nowadays the trio see their opposites in a noticeably less platonic fashion; Ako and Riko frequently flirt and lust after Keita while, much to his stress, he fights the urge to give in to them.

No.5 Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret

Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret

Yūto is an ordinary student in his second year of high school who attends Hakujō Academy, a private high school. Yūto lives with his parents and older sister, Ruko, though his parents are always working and, thus, are generally absent from home. He behaves bluntly and generally likes to be left alone.
He has an average determination to study for school. One day, he stumbles across his classmate Haruka in the library and discovers her hidden secret—that she is an otaku who loves everything anime and manga. He agrees to keep her secret and over time they become closer, arousing envy and jealousy in his classmates.

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