25 Prank Ideas To Do On Your Friends, Family, Co-Workers.

1. Broken car window prank

If you're going to do this prank be sure to record everything and place it on Facebook or YouTube for April fools day. 

Grab your friends car keys when he/shes asleep, then open the car and role down the window (Take everything out the car and hide it). Find or smash a clear glass and carefully pick up the glass and place it all over the "broken window" place it on the floor the seat everywhere. 

Wake the person up and act all freaked out and role the film.

2. Air horn behind a closed door

Start the day with a honk! Get yourself an air horn and some duck-tape. Then stick the horn to a wall where a door is located (put the horn as far back where the door and wall meets). Then just sit back and video your friends or family scream like girls when that door get swung open.

3. Clingfilm on toilet pee splash back

Putting Clingfilm on the toilet seat has literally been around for decades. When it gets dark outside take out the light bulb so the person who is using the toilet so they wont see the cling film on the toilet.

If a guy is using the toilet then two things can happen. A splash back or a floating turtle lying on the clingfilm. If a girl is using the toilet then there's either going to be a leak going down her legs or a brown slug smudging her skin.

4. Toothpaste filled Oreos

Gift your friends, family, Co-workers some Toothpaste filled Oreos. A simple way to tell someone that there breath stinks without being mean. 

Open the Oreo carefully and scrape the excess cream into a bowl or just eat it. Then replace the cream with toothpaste and carefully put the biscuit back on and into the original packet. For safety do every Oreo but the first 2 Oreos.

5. Insect lamp

If you know someone who has an insect phobia (insectophobia) then you'll without a doubt get an amazing reaction from this prank. Go online and buy toy insects on ebay, amazon or just go to a toy shop. Once you get your hands on them tape them to the inside of a lamp or light shade and film there reaction. 

6. Replace a picture frame photo with Kim Jong Un

This is by far the funniest prank of this list. Print out a picture of the proud Kim Jong Un and replace a photo in a picture frame with Kim Jong Un. The photo will go unnoticed for months. You can do this anywhere in a friends house, work, collage, girlfriends/boyfriends house.

7. A mustard filled chocolate bunny

All you'll need to do is make a small incision at the bottom of the bunny and fill it with amazing saucy goodness. Imagine waking up on Easter morning ready to eat chocolate to just get a mouth full of a chocolate mustard filled bunny. 

8. Fake Jobbie

This will mortify anyone who sees the fake jobbieTo make a fake jobbie you'll need smashed up nuts, Nutella and liquid ass (If you don't have nuts or liquid ass then Nutella will do).

Take a large amount of Nutella in your palm and mold it into a cylinder (If you have the nuts then put a small dosage of them in with the Nutella while creating the jobbie) after you're doe doing that, place it onto the toilet or beside the toilet (if you have any spray some liquid ass on it) then leave the room and wait till you hear a scream.

9. Chocolate covered Brussels Sprouts

Time to get a healthy start to Easter morning by cooking up some Brussels Sport cake pops. Trick the family by making these the night before Easter. To make these all you need to do is stick a stick in the sprout. Then pour melted chocolate on them and stick them in the fridge for 2 hours.

10. Googly eyes on everything

One of the harmless funny pranks on this list. Get some Googly eyes and place them on everything in your fridge. Funny family Easter prank.

11. Chocolate covered broccoli disguised as   Ferrero Rochers

This is also a fairly simple dish to make. Buy some Ferrero Rochers then keep the wrappers. 
Proceed to wrap a sprout in the wrappers and put it back in place. Though the best way to execute this prank is to actual drown them in melted chocolate. Then wait for a few hours before popping them in the wrapper. 

12. Place a cup/bucket of water on a open door

Simple prank for simple people. If you're one of those people who love to go all out on pranks then the old bucket and water prank will do. To ruin your friends day make just add ice.

13. Ketchup filled jelly doughnut

You can do this prank with Mustard as custard or Ketchup as Jam/Jelly. Carefully make a hole at the side of the doughnut and squeeze the jam/custard out of the pastry. (Most doughnuts already have a hole). 

Once you've squeezed the filling out the doughnut, proceed to re-fill them with mustard or ketchup. To execute the smell of the sauce leave them out over night then fill the open hole with jelly/jam or custard to make the sauce less noticeable 

14. Air horn under toilet lid

This prank is more for an office environment but you can still do it in school, collage, university or even at home. All you'll need is buy an air horn and tape it to the bottom of an office chair then wait for someone to sit down. Once they sit down the horn will go off they'll scream out of fear while everyone laughs.

15. Caramel onion

Give one of your friends a "Caramel Apple" To make a Caramel onion just buy a caramel apple wrap in stores or online. For safety make one or two Caramel apples and eat it in front of the victim.

16. Cover the mouse laser

Find a mouse and cover the laser with a sticky note or a smiley face and watch the person spend minutes figuring out whats wrong.

17. Room filled with water cups

To sum this up with one sentence. This will take time and dedication, good luck.

18. Baby powder sugar doughnuts

Another simple prank buy powdered doughnuts and sprinkle baby powder on top of the doughnuts. Best thing about this prank is it only takes a minute.

19. Water cups at door

This prank is more suited for collage and university students. You'll need about 2 - 4 people to help out with this, one wrong move and the prank will backfire (Buy strong duck-tape and 100 cups filled with water). 

20. Tea mug with fake cigarettes at the bottom

This will freak anyone out. When someone asks for a tea or coffee put the fake cigarettes at the bottom of the mug (you can find it online, its called a smokers gag mug) and sit and wait for them to drop the mug in terror.

21. Change every contact to Unknown

find your friends phone and change everyone of there Smartphone contact to the same name (ect, bae, Jimbo, Unknown). Then look at there facial features as they try to make sense of whats just happened

22. Swap Some clothes with the opposite Gender

While everyone is out doing other stuff go into their bedrooms and swap there clothes with the other genders. Swap you're brothers shirts with their sisters, Dads jeans with your moms jeans and they wont realize until it's too late (Not as extreme as RiceGum went unless there into that sort of thing).

23. Nail varnish soap

By covering the bar of soap in nail varnish it just renders the soap useless and the person who's using the soap will become frustrated because the "soap isn't working" nice little prank for April fools if you don't want to go in too hard.

24. Tell the truth to your kids

This will be your only chance to tell your children that the Easter bunny isn't real. Since it's April fools day on Easter you can always say to them "April fools" to see the look on there faces.