Grand Theft Auto 6 VR Leaks, Latest News & Release Date?

GTA 5 was first released on September 17th 2013, Almost 5 years later the game is still insanely popular due to GTA Online getting frequent updates. GTA fans are still eagerly waiting on the next GTA announcement and that could possibly be around the corner! 

Lately GTA VI rumors/potential leaks have surfaced in early 2018 those rumors are that GTA 6 is in the process of being made although there is no confirmation from Rockstar that GTA 6 is in development that still doesn't disclose the information thats being surfaced.

Grand Theft Auto 6 News & Leaks

It's been speculated that GTA 6 will have a lead female protagonist. Since GTA 5 had a 3 male lead characters to choose from. Grand Theft Auto 6 could go the same route as GTA 5 and have 3 or 2 male protagonists with an additional female protagonist although this is not 100% confirmed it's a huge possibility.

The Co-Founder of Rockstar games Dan Houser had this to say on the subject 

"There is a huge possibility for a female protagonist in future Grand Theft Auto games. We could do with a lead female protagonist though we just haven't found the right game for it yet."

With all that being said there is there're 3 different rumors about the GTA 6 map of the next game. those 3 different maps are:

1. UK/London 

The fans of the GTA franchise want Rockstar to return to its London roots since they launched a 1999 GTA game that was set in London. Though Dan Houser said this at an interview with the Guardian

"These days we would love to set a game in the UK and set it in London, but i'm not sure if it would be a GTA game."

Though he could be throwing us off and keeping it a secret. Either way a modern version of GTA set in London would be a fan favorite  

2. The full of USA

New reports about the GTA 6 map will be set in the "FULL" United States! This map will be 3 to 4 times the size of the current GTA 5 map and it's estimated to take 2 hours to get from one end of the country to the other just by car. Though there would most likely be a quicker way to go from point A to B. 

3. Every GTA map merged together

I like this concept better than the other two. Though everyone has been saying it for years there might be a possibility of Rockstar merging all previous GTA maps together to create the ultimate sandbox game. With all intractable characters from the previous games. Not to forget about the Online mode. 

The Online mode will have 2 different lobbies one for the East part of the map and the other for the West side due to the lag this would  cause a major issue if it was all merged to one map.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Graphics/VR Support

If there is one thing that is confirmed is the life like graphics. 5 years ago when GTA 5 was released the graphics looked amazing. Now fast forward to 6-9 years later and you'll see how life like the game will actually be.

Also in addition to first person in GTA 5, think of the capabilities that Virtual Reality will have imagine playing first person in a VR perspective, When this happens it will no doubt be a step forward to the VR world. Watch the video below and think of those graphics implemented in GTA 6 with VR.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date

After GTA 4 was released back in April 29th 2008 it took Rockstar 5 years to release GTA 5. Though in addition to all the time that's been spent on GTA 5 Online It will take around 2020 - 2021 for GTA 6 to come out. Even though there is another 3 - 4 years left it'll be worth the wait!