This is what happens to your body when you stop eating sugar

1. You'll lose weight

The average person consumes around around 22 teaspoons of sugar per day, this equals to about 350 calories. According to Harvard School of Public Health in located in Boston they said this:

Sugar can be really addicting and when we cut back on the amount of sugar we eat, It helps stop those cravings, thus we consume fewer calories and lose weight in the process. 
When you consume refined sugar, your body most likely get the signal that your full, this causes you to consume excess calories and gain weight.

when you replace sugary snacks with nourishing foods your hormones will naturally regulate. this sends signals to the brain when you've eaten enough. So as a result, you'll lose weight without trying that hard, this happens around the first week. 

So by going a few weeks to a month without consuming excess amounts of sugar you'll be almost guaranteed to shed some weight.

2. Your life expectancy will increase

Yeah, when you mostly cut out sugar from your diet you'll live longer.

You see when you eat sugary foods your glucose spikes up and our insulin in our bodies increases to compensate for it. Which intern activates a part of your nervous system which increases your heart rate and blood pressure. High blood pressure is a huge risk for heart disease as well as diabetes and is one of the main causes for obesity, both thats been linked to excess sugar consumption.

3. your skin will look clearer and younger

Also Sugar equals more wrinkles. You see sugar causes glycation, glycation is a process which the sugar molecules bind together and deforms the collagen and elastin in your skin. Elastin and collagen are the two main proteins in our skin that gives us our youthful glow.

By reducing or giving up the amount of sugar you consume daily can also reduce glucose and insulin spikes in your bloodstream, overall reducing chronic and acute inflammation linked to aging.

By doing this you'll see an improvement within 14 days of giving up sugar

4. You'll get better sleep

The reason you'll get better sleep is because, if your loaded with sugar before bed it might rob you of your ability to get a good nights sleep. People can get night sweats and can develop low blood sugar if they have a snack loaded with sugar before bed.

You see eating sugar before going to bed can stress your hormones, this leads to lack of a goods night rest. Now when you stop consuming sugar, well you'll sleep faster and get a good nights rest in about two or three days.

5. You'll be less likely to get diabetes 

When you quit eating excess amounts of sugar, it gives your body's detox systems a chance to do its job. In the first few hours without having any sugar in your body, your digestive system will then start to produce less insulin and your liver will start to take action on stored toxins.

This process will take longer if you're already insulin resistant, though the time for most of these symptoms to disappear can take up to five weeks, after five weeks you'll no longer have that craving for sugar.