Full Immersive Virtual Reality Before 2040?

Over the past few decades computers have become more advanced, smarter and efficient. Looking at how fast technology is progressing its estimated that we'll have full immersion VR before 2040.

What Is Full Immersive Virtual Reality

Full immersive Virtual Reality is an intractable artificial life-like environment thats connected to the world and replaces the users real world surroundings enough to make it possible to fully engage in the created environment without any restrictions.

The user whose inside full immersive VR has the power to interact with this world and can also interact with simulations known as Telepresence. The longer you spend in this artificial world the more you forget about your real world surroundings and forget your present identity.

How Would Full Immersive Virtual Reality Work?

No one currently knows how Full Immersive VR would work, but I'm speculating that for Full Immersive Virtual Reality to work there would most likely be a computer microchip implanted into the brain. Which would lead to full immersion VR and will then render VR headset consoles useless.

Though in a more realistic case Full Immersion will probably be another headset that connects to your brain (similar to the NerveGear thats shown in the anime Sword Art Online).

How Full Immersive VR Will Change The World

When Full Immersion is introduced to the world things everything will change forever. Here are some of the things that will happen when Full Immersion is introduced:

1. Obviously gaming will change dramatically. Gaming will offer an intense life-like experience that will rise gaming to a whole new level.

2. You could visit any place in the world from your own home from google maps or from an advanced security cameras.

3. Fully Immersive VR movies will start to take place. People could watch the movie like there actually there or you could just sit back and watch p@#$.

4. Exploring places like the depth of the ocean or space will be made incredibly simpler and will lead us to learn more about our Universe and whats at the depth of the Ocean.

5. Surgeons in training will also have a safer and better opportunity to perfect their skills and techniques Instead of learning how to preform complex surgeries on plastic models or corpses.

Progression Of Full Immersive Virtual Reality In 2018

As of 2018 the closest thing we have to full immersive VR is a large scale VR machine that immerses you into the gaming world. Though the VR machine is huge, still in development and needs to be supervised by people at all times, as time progresses the smaller and more advanced technology becomes.