10 World Changing Things That's Happening In 2019

1. Scientists begin testing the anti-aging drug on humans

Scientists finally found a way to reverse the aging process! Scientists say its been tested on flies, rodents, worms and mice and they say the drug will makes them younger and it also lengthens their life by 25%! The first human trial on the anti-aging drug is scheduled this year.

2. China launches Chang'e_4 lander and explores the dark side of the moon

China is about to achieve the impossible, they plan on landing on the Chang'e_4 lander dark side of the moon this year! If all goes according to China's plan then the world will have done something truly ground breaking! The Chang'e_4 lander is set to leave earth sometime in June and land on the other side of the moon at the end of the year. China's mission is to explore the dark side of the moon and plant plants as well as place insects there. 

3. Crispr gene editing

2012 was the year that researchers first discovered that the bacterial immune system could edit DNA into living creatures. Now fast forward to 2018, 6 years later and crispr gene editing is finally going to be tested on humans in the U.S. If crispr gene editing turns out to be a success on humans becomes then this could cure multiple possibly thousands of different diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Muscular dystrophy.

4. New Zealand shuts down its last large coal powered generators

New Zealand pledges to shut down its last large fire powered generator at the end of December 2018. This will soon mark an end of large scale coal fired generation. New Zealand is slowly starting to move onto renewable energy. Right now New Zealand is getting closer to its goal of 90% renewable energy.

5. Japan and Europe are on a joint mission to Mercury

Europe and Japan have teamed up and are on a mission to Mercury. They are set to launch a space craft called BepiColombo sometime in 2018, it will take 7 years to get to Mercury. BepiColombo will do this by using several gravity assets from other planets that are close by while traveling to Mercury. By the time BepiColombo Hits mercury it will be December 2025.

6. Complicated surgeries performed by robots

Robotic surgery has been around since the 2000s, but now robotic surgery is beginning to overtake traditional open surgery. Though this wont have an impact any jobs since a human needs to be beside the machine at all times. Robotic open surgery will only get more common as the years go on. In fact there should be more than 100,000 robots by the 2030s. They will all capable of doing traditional open surgery in hospitals all over the world. 

7. 3D printers become affordable

In 2010 a 3D printer would have cost you around $20,000 but now 8 years later in 2018 a single 3D printer will only cost about $300! Due to the prices of 3D printers dropping this has allowed the technology to move beyond manufacturing. In just a few short years a 3D printer will be as common as having a TV in your home.

8. Bitcoin skyrockets to $30,000

Over the past couple of months bitcoin has dropped immensely in value. Going from $19,000 per bitcoin to only $6,000 per bitcoin. Though a lot of people seem to think this is the end for bitcurrency its really just the start. Though a huge dip is common in all stock market trades and the value of bitcoin is set to skyrocket. The cryptocurrency bitcoin is set to rise all the way to $30,000 per bitcoin before the end of November.

9. A vaccine for type 1 diabetes

A vaccine has finally been made two decades later and is finally being tested on humans this year. Although its not a cure for type 1 diabetes it can still help provide immunity against the virus. When its proven to work on humans this will greatly help prevent type 1 diabetes in infants and small children.

10. Male birth control pills 

Male birth control pills will soon be available to the public in 2018. Theres also a male contraceptive jab that works for two full years and have a reversible vasectomy injection thats had an 100% success rate with zero side effects. So now you can have sex without wearing a condom without fear of pulling out too late.