How To Lucid dream Tonight!

How To Lucid Dream Tonight!

Before we begin, lets start by asking the question "what is a Lucid Dream?"
Well a Lucid dream is when your asleep but fully conscious that you're dreaming. During a Lucid Dream,  you might be able to have some degree of control over the dream such as the environment, what people say and characters. You could even spawn someone and just simply blow them away with a super power.
Everyone should at least experience a lucid dream at some point in their life. Now you probably wont have much control in a lucid dream if it's your first time (I also didn't have much control on my first lucid dream but bro, legit its cool as fuck!).
What do you do to get a lucid dream to happen?
Well you need to be asleep obviously, but you also need to be in a certain stage of sleep called "REM" short for "Rapid eye movement". REM happens every 90 minutes into your sleep after for example  1 hour 30 minutes, 3 hours, 4 hours 30 minutes, it goes on. 
Now the longest REM period is at 6 hours of you being a sleep you get roughly around 1 hour 45 minutes of lucid dream time.  
Alright so there are only 5  easy steps into having your first lucid dream (or just in general want another lucid dream tonight)
No.1 - Do reality checks every 30/60 minutes.
It might sound silly but it really does help. So to preform reality checks in dreams, you need to do them while your awake for there're 2 you need to do, example; 
you can take your finger and try and poke it right through your palm of your hand. If it goes through then you're in a dream.
Hold your nose closed and try and breathe through you closed nose if you manage to breathe with your nose then bang, bang congratulations! you're dreaming. 
No.2 Increase your awareness in a dream.
To increase your awareness in your dream you first need to increase your awareness while awake. To do this you will need to be meditating. Meditation helps your level of awareness through out the day and also when you sleep at night.
To meditate just sit where you're comfortable with your eyes closed and focus on your breath don't think about lucid dreaming, just have blank thoughts. do this for around 20-30 minutes before going to bed! If you don't have the patience for that then just do it for 10 minutes.
No.3 Entering a lucid dream from falling asleep
Tonight before you go to your bed you'll need to set an alarm to wake you up during REM (Rapid eye movement) cycle. Remember the REM cycle will happen every 90 minutes when you fall asleep. If it takes you awhile to fall asleep then set your alarm for approximately  6 hours 30 minutes after you go to bed.
If you cant sleep for 6 hours then try one of the other REM the earlier one would be 4 hours 30 minutes set your alarm 5 hours later and if you cant do 5 hours do 3 and a half hours.
No.4 - Waking up in REM
Once you wake up in REM you should try not to move a lot. If you need to do a Jobbie then you should probably go (to save the embarrassment in the morning).  Otherwise just stay in the same spot with your eyes closed. Now during some point you should start to see vivid colors behind your eyes. 
Focus on those colors until you start to see some shapes and images try and focus on this really hard and pick out small details. Once an image comes into focus try and imagine that you are actually there touching objects. Feel the textures and after some time of doing this you should feel like you're actually holding the object. Finally do the reality check with your hands and if your finger goes through your hand then you're in the lucid dream. (lol you found this little thing? "Sleep Paralysis" yeah, I know this is retarded right? I got a little bored so I just added this part in and hidden it. Put in the comments that you found this.)
No.5 - Do whatever you want to do 
Before doing anything! just wait for a few minutes you should wait a few minutes to visualize the full landscape and what environment you're in.
I woke up in my dream, I then proceeded to slap my limp bodies leg beside me then walked to the window everything was all burnt and abandoned I then got too excited and woke up... Yeah, don't make the same mistake I did...  Other than that small detail thats pretty much it!