Website - Short Update

DailyWaveSource Update 
(Quick summary)

For a while now this site has been inactive and lately has accumulated bugs, errors.. Basically nothing works now. It's still navigational, but again nothing works

For over a year we have been working on designs for the site and what steps to take. Right now the site look like this on desktop

Although this was made with zero knowledge on website/blog creation it still isn't appealing to look at. 

The mobile version of the site needs an upgrade too...

So over the course of a few years we have created two variations of where this site could go...

The version for desktop and mobile that was developed in 2018 
(But never published)

These designs where later scrapped due to new ideas ect..

The current version for the site (Not the finished version)

This design for the site will be the layout we are choosing. DailyWaveSource will be an anime content site only. From what anime to watch, latest news, manga or just plain reviews.. Everything will just be anime only..

Along side the website they'll be a new manga released alongside the site

No spoilers just two little snippets. 

The site will be moving from blogger to another platform entirely too.

Not really a professional update post but it'll do. Next post will be on an entirely different site. We hope to see you soon