How to Start making money from your website

Here's the website link to Infolinks  If you've been waiting for months for Google AdSense to approve your website for monetization so you can finally start earning money from your site but been waiting for months! Then I have a faster and better alternative for you to start making money and the best part is it only takes 5 minutes!

 I present to you Infolinks!
Infolinks is a global advertising Platform like Google AdSense. Your payouts will be on par with google AdSense and you get paid per click or per each 20 views your ad receives.
Here is my stats of this past week. When I started using Infolinks the pay was low. But over time my views skyrocketed and the pay was extremely astonishing!
Over the past 3 months I've made over $843.52 for just 21,410 views which to me is insane! It could be just luck or this could be how much everyone gets paid. Either way Infolinks has been insanely reliable!
Once you have clicked the link and signed up with your website domain (Your website URL) it will then proceeds to tell you to post this code anywhere in your websites HTML. After you have followed these steps you then await on a confirmation email from InfoLinks. Here's the website link to Infolinks.