New ​iPhone ​X price, and specs review

Apple has just reveled the iPhone X. The IPhone X is a premium smartphone that has the latest smartphone technology, this all includes a super retina edge-to-edge display, wireless charging and also facial recognition.
IPhone X design

The new iPhone X has an 5.8 inch screen. with a body smaller than the IPhone 7
Apple has completely removed the iPhone's home button, which has been on every single Iphone since 2007. They have also removed the fingerprint scanner. 
Instead the iPhone X has a nearly bezel free design with the screen covering almost the entire front of the phone. To make room for the front facing selfie camera and facial recognition, the screen has a slight "notch" that indents the top of the screen. It has a dual-lens rear facing camera. Face ID
Wireless charging

Like the Samsung Galaxy S8 the IPhone X will also have wireless charging. The IPhone X is the first ever iPhone to come with wireless charging, which is already available on the Apple Watch. 
IPhone X Display

Apple's designer made it his life goal to make an iPhone that looked like a sheet of glass. The new iPhone X has this design, The IPhone X has a 5.8-inch edge to edge display that covers the front of the entire phone.
The IPhone X will have a 2438x1125 screen resolution display with 458 pixels per inch and a "OLED" display. the best from Apple thus far. the iPhone X has been used to show some of the new augmented reality experiences that Apple has with its AR
Kit software thats going to released at this year's WWDC. Augmented reality allows
for any iPhone users to use virtual images, games and videos onto real world
IPhone X Price and Storage

The IPhone X will have a 64GB to 256GB storage. The price for the US will be $999 and for the UK it will be £751.